Most-Googled Career Question Of 2018


We’re working on quitting our jobs.

The most-Googled jobs question of 2018 was “how to quit a job,” according to new data from Google Trends. That was followed by “what job should I have.”

Those searches dovetail with government data, which revealed that at one point during 2018, the job quitting rate hit its highest level since 2001. And it’s still relatively high (at 2.3%, according to the latest government data, with roughly 3.4 million people ditching their positions.)

One big reason so many people are quitting is that many employees can easily snag another gig, as hiring is strong, government data reveals. Many of us are leaving for higher pay and the chance at a better office environment: Data released in 2018 by staffing firm Randstad revealed that 82% of workers say they expect pay raises every year to stay with their current employers, and 60% have left or want to leave because of a direct supervisor.    MORE

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