MMC Picks 32 For Dispensary Storefronts

medical marijuana

The newly reconfigured state Medical Marijuana Board on Wednesday approved a recommendation to award licenses for 32 medical marijuana dispensary locations across Arkansas during an unruly meeting where critics of the process are already threatening legal challenges.

In an unanimous 5-0 decision, the MMC board approved the scores of dispensary applications recommended by Boston-based Public Consulting Group (PCG) to locate four pharmacies each across eight equally populated quadrants of the state. That decision is expected to allow dispensary owners to potentially have cannabis products on the shelf in Arkansas by the spring of this year.

“I sit back and I have probably been the most vocal critic of this process, but at the same time I think they’ve done a good job,” MMC Director Travis Story said of the East Coast consulting firm hired three months ago to review and score 200 dispensary applications. “It is really hard to pick apart what they’ve given us back.”    MORE

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