Microbiological And Chemical Residue Sampling Programs

WASHINGTON The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service released on Friday the Annual Sampling Program Plan and Residue Sampling Plans for fiscal year 2019 and its first 2018 Annual Catalog of FSIS Sampling Projects.

“The agency’s modernization and customer service efforts extend to all facets of our work, including an easy-to-use online catalog of sampling projects,” said Carmen Rottenberg, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety. “FSIS is continuing to post an unprecedented amount of food safety data and related plans, which are important for our customer experience.”

The Annual Sampling Program Plan identifies changes planned for FY 2019 to FSIS’ various sampling programs and describes the agency’s overall strategy for directing its sampling resources. FSIS also published the FY 2019 Residue Sampling Plans, which provide information on the process of sampling meat, poultry and egg products for chemical compounds of public concern and data collection.    MORE


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