Mich Ultra Goes Organic To Stay On Top Of Low-Cal Beer Boom

The beer wars are about to get a lot lighter.

Corona and Amstel have introduced new low-cal beers as they chase Michelob Ultra, whose so-called superior light beer continues to surge. But Ultra is not sitting still. The Anheuser Busch InBev-owned brew is introducing an even lighter line extension this week called Ultra Pure Gold. It has 85 calories, 10 less than regular Ultra, and will be marketed as containing “organic grains.”

With the low-cal beer trend booming, analysts have begun referring to the offerings as “fitness beers,” which reflects the athletic-themed marketing approach that Ultra has successfully deployed for years. But while some of the surge is driven by health-conscious consumers, brand image is also playing a big role. After all, the growth for low-cal beers comes as traditional light beers like Bud Light and Coors Light, whose calorie counts are not much higher, continue to struggle.   MORE

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