Level 2 Sex Offender Arrested

Last month, Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office deputies took a report in reference to a registered Sex Offender using Facebook to possibly talk to underage females.

An investigator located two separate Facebook accounts under 48-year old David Moya’s name. The first page located had a profile photo but the second profile located did not have a profile photo but did have information for his employment which matched the employment information Moya has registered in his sex offender registration information.

Although, it could not be proven he was using Facebook to talk to underage females Moya has not registered a Facebook profile in his sex offender registration information, which is against Arkansas state law.

Moya was convicted on July 13, 2015 of Sexual Indecency with a Child requiring him to register as a sex offender. This offense involved the offender writing sexually explicit and graphic notes to a 14 year old female student at the school where he then worked as a janitor.

Moya was arrested and taken into custody on Tuesday June 4th.     MORE

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