Lake Conway Flood Warning

MAYFLOWER – On Monday, the National Weather Service in Little Rock issued a Flood Warning for Lake Conway. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission predicts Lake Conway will exceed the flood stage of 266 feet mean sea level (normal pool is 263 feet MSL) by June 5th. The lake will continue rising after Wednesday, but the peak level is unknown at this time.

Property that has flooded around Lake Conway in the last 10 years is at the greatest risk of flooding this week. That includes property within six feet in elevation above the lake’s normal pool. Those living in close proximity to Lake Conway should take immediate action to protect themselves and their property from flood damage.

Even though the Arkansas River is expected to crest today and begin receding, water will still continue to rise in Palarm Creek for the next several days, pushing more water into Lake Conway. This flood is a lengthy event, with the threat of flooding around Lake Conway possibly extending beyond this week.      MORE

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