Lake Conway Exceeds Flood Pool

MAYFLOWER — The water level at Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir has surpassed flood stage, and is continuing to rise one foot every 24 hours. Portions of Arkansas Highway 89 are blocked by floodwater and closed.

The lake is still expected to exceed 5 feet above normal pool by Friday, and additional rains may increase that total.

Although the Arkansas River at Toad Suck appears to have crested at 285.4 feet June 4, it will continue to cause flooding at Lake Conway for the next several days. The river has backed into Palarm Creek, which normally receives runoff from the lake. The water has reached 4 feet above the top of the spillway and is flowing into the lake, pushing it past flood pool.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission drew the lake down one foot prior to the river flooding, but no more releases will be possible until the water level in the Arkansas River and Palarm Creek drop enough to allow flow from the lake to resume.


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