Joint Missing Persons Training


It may have been only a drill, but the missing person scenario officers with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission participated in last week may one day be the difference between life and death. Wildlife officers joined members of the Arkansas State Police, FBI, the Arkansas Department of Correction, Independence County Sheriff’s Office and 10 other local agencies in a staged child abduction exercise to give a realistic example of what emergency responders should be prepared for should such an event occur in real life.

The members of the exercise are all part of the Child Abduction Response Team, a special interagency group of men and women headed by the Arkansas State Police who respond in the event of a kidnapping.
Capt. Shad Pearce, who helped coordinate the event, says participation in these sorts of drills help officers be far more prepared than reading and workshops.

“Training is important if you’re going to keep your head together and perform if the real thing should happen,” Pearce said. “A lot of teams do tabletop exercises, but this gives an added sense of realism to learn where your weak points are and fix them.”  MORE

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