Johnny Cash Heritage Festival


DYESS, Ark. — Visitors from as far away as New York, Minnesota and Iowa joined area fans to listen to presentations about arts and artistry from the New Deal and Beyond during the first day of the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival Thursday at the Dyess Colony Visitors Center.

Experts in the areas of politics, folklore, music and the New Deal era of the 1930s spoke during four presentations in the afternoon. The topics included “It’s All About Politics,” “Chronicling Life and Lore Across America,” “Coming Home Through Music’s Cyclic Highway” and “Cinematic Ode to the Mississippi: The River.”

In addition, former Dyess colonists and others who have memories of the Great Depression and the New Deal shared their stories as well as photos and documents for a videotaped “Memories of a Lifetime” project. The project deepens the level of understanding of the historic site and the New Deal era. Videotaping continues Friday, Oct. 20, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on the second floor of the Dyess Administration Building.    MORE

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