Industry Looks To “Trucks Of Tomorrow”

Tesla recently announced it will start production of an electric big rig in 2019, but electricity isn’t the only fuel available in the trucking industry. Natural gas is available, and diesel remains the top fuel of choice with 97% of Class 8 trucks, or the big rigs that haul the trailers, running on it.

Tim Proctor, executive director of product management and market innovation for the engine business at Cummins, said the company develops products that are used in business and has to be a leader in innovation and deliver value. When one talks about being green, or environmentally-friendly, it has to have an economic benefit. Proctor was one of a few industry leaders who spoke in a recent Transport Topics webinar on “Powering the Trucks of Tomorrow.”

Businesses must not only meet greenhouse gas limits but also improve air quality. Proctor pointed to the natural gas products the company makes that are used in ports, which are struggling with air quality. Also, Cummins recently introduced an electric Class 7 big rig.    MORE

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