Hutchinson Calls Out Northwest Arkansas PAC Over Campaign Bounty

As the campaign season gears up for the 2018 election, Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Tuesday (March 13) offered his first public criticism of a conservative Northwest Arkansas political action group he says does not have the state’s best interests in mind and is seeking to control state lawmakers by funneling thousands of dollars into their campaigns.

While not specifying the conservative political action group by name, Hutchinson later confirmed when speaking with reporters at the monthly meeting of the central Arkansas Political Animals Club that his comments were targeted at Conduit for Action.

Over the past year, the Fayetteville-based PAC has been increasingly involved in supporting right-leaning legislative candidates and promoting conservative policies. According to state business and campaign filings, the group is led by Fayetteville businessman Joe Maynard and attorney Brenda Vassaur Taylor.    MORE

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