Hendren To Introduce Vaping Bill, Wants Special Session

Senate President Pro Tempore Jim Hendren, R-Gravette, is introducing a bill that would tax vaping products, prohibit their use in places where cigarettes are already prohibited, and restrict advertising to minors. He hopes to pass the bill in a special session, potentially this year.

The School Safety Act would levy a privilege tax on e-cigarettes that is equal to the 67% tax currently levied on other tobacco products. Revenues would be credited to the Public School Fund for school facility safety and security improvements along with mental health counselors for students with an addiction or other mental health issues.

The bill would add e-cigarettes to the Arkansas Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006, which prohibits smoking indoors in public places. It would amend the Clean Air on Campus Act of 2009 prohibiting smoking at public college campuses by adding e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes would be added to the prohibition against using tobacco products in a motor vehicle and the State Capitol, the latter of which is punishable by a $25 fine.      MORE

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