Harris Faces New Charges

Tyrone Harris

New charges have been filed against a man accused in a White County kidnapping and rape investigation.

Searcy Police say another victim stepped forward on Wednesday with accusations against 30-year old Tyrone Harris who faces additional charges of rape, kidnapping, introduction of a controlled substance into the body of another person, felon in possession of a firearm, terroristic threatening and aggravated assault in the case.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the victim reports that she was choked, raped and held against her will by Harris in July.

On Wednesday, 10/03/2018 Victim reported that on 7/24/2018 she was at 1206 W Vine Ave in Searcy where she was choked, raped, and held against her will by Tyrone Harris.

Victim stated that sometime around 7/22/18 she received a call from Harris who asked her to come and hang out with him.  She stated that she agreed and met with him.   Victim stated that Harris put a small rock type substance in her mouth and he told her to let it dissolve.  Smallwood said that Harris called the substance “Molly” and soon after taking the substance she began having a hard time remembering and felt as if she were outside of her body.  She said that she instantly became hot and started to sweat.

Victim said that over the next couple of days she remained around Harris and his behavior became increasingly aggressive. She indicated that on several occasions she asked him to take her home but he refused.  She said that he began monitoring her phone calls and text messages and became increasingly paranoid about her movements. Victim indicated that at some point Harris picked up another girl in Searcy, victim 2, and he forced her to go with them as well.

Victim said that sometime around 7/24/2018 Harris kidnapped another female, victim 3.   She said that Harris took her and the other two victims to 1206 W. Vine Ave.  Victim said that while at this house she recalls Harris putting something in her mouth while she was talking.  She said that she believes it was the rock substance, “Molly” again because of the bitter chemical taste and she made a sour face and Harris seemed to get angry as if she were not allowed to spit it out.   She again began to feel sick and indicated that she kept falling asleep. Victim said that she believes Harris had been drugging the other two victims as well.

Victim said that she remembers Harris taking her and victim 3 into a bedroom where he used his gun and a silver / green torch to intimidate and threaten them.   Victim said that Harris grabbed her by the hair, threw her down on a bed and raped her.  She said that he held her down and choked her until she was unable to move.  Victim said that Harris told her on several occasions “I will kill you bitch!”

On 8/13/2018 a witness gave me a statement that Harris came to her house, 1206 W. Vine Ave, within a couple of weeks of the first of August and brought Victim and two other females with him.  The witness said she saw Harris with a gun and a green / silver torch and he took Victim and another girl in a bedroom.  The witness indicated that she believes Harris kept the girls “High” so that they wouldn’t fight.

On 8/14/2018 Victim 3 gave a statement that she was taken against her will to an unknown house by Harris.  She said that he took her and Victim into a room where she witnessed Harris having sex with Victim.  Victim 3 stated that it did not appear that Victim was enjoying the sex with Harris.  Victim 3 said that she believes that she was given some sort of a drug or poison because her ears felt thick, she was unable to hear, her vision was blurred, and she kept passing out.  Victim 3 also saw a torch that she described as green / silver, and a pistol that Harris kept in his pants.

On 8/15/2018 Victim 2 gave a statement that toward the end of July Harris forced her into a vehicle.  Victim 2 indicated that Harris held her, a red headed girl that she later identified as Smallwood and another girl against their will.

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