Governor Concludes Ag Tour

Hutchinson Ag Tour

Governor Asa Hutchinson has completed his 2018 Agriculture Tour, a two-day road trip that took him to six southwest Arkansas counties to meet with farmers and other leaders in the state’s Number 1 industry.

The Governor’s stops included a cattle farm, a peach orchard, a cotton gin, and a lumber mill. The Governor and those who attended discussed the issues facing our farmers, the importance of giving rural students access to a first-rate education, including computer science; the state’s progress in providing high-speed internet access in rural areas; and current information on highway construction and maintenance. The Governor also spoke about the importance of agriculture’s access to global markets.

“I covered a lot of ground in two days, and it was a very productive tour,” Governor Hutchinson said. “I appreciate the time our farmers took out of their busy schedules in order to discuss the important issues facing our agricultural community. Our conversations focused on the importance of access to global markets, strengthening our rural schools, the need for high-speed broadband in our rural communities as well as good-quality farm-to-market roads.    MORE

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