Former Truck Inspector Explains Impacts, Exemptions To ELD Mandate

A former truck inspector expects the number of exemptions to the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate to rise as requests pile up, but the number of denied exemptions will be greater than those granted.

On Monday (Dec. 18), the ELD mandate went into effect, allowing roadside inspectors to start writing citations for violating the mandate. ELDs track a truck driver’s hours of service and duty status, and most truck drivers who maintained paper logs for hours of service are required to use an ELD to track them. Through April 1, drivers won’t be put out of service or receive Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) points for violating the mandate.

John Seidl, a transportation consultant for Integrated Risk Solutions and formerly a Wisconsin State Patrol inspector and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration investigator, spoke about the exemptions and impacts of the rule in a conference call hosted by Stifel transportation analyst John Larkin.   MORE

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