Forest Sustainability Initiative


Walmart has been on a sustainability mission since 2005 and each year the retailer looks for ways to broaden the scope of the mission with the help of its supplier partners.

This year, Walmart and Unilever are teaming up to support restoration of wildlife habitats and help 60,000 hectares (148,263 acres) of palm oil plantations achieve sustainability certifications.

Walmart said the initiative is part of its effort to address deforestation through Project Gigaton with the help of suppliers. Project Gigaton aims to divert one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030. Through Project Gigaton, suppliers can take their sustainability efforts to the next level through goal-setting, and get credit from Walmart for the progress they make. Since the program was introduced in 2017, hundreds of Walmart suppliers have joined the effort by committing to reduce emissions.    MORE

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