Forest Stewards Of The Year

Arkansas Dept of Ag

Michael and Tamera Rossi, of Conway, have been named the 2017 Arkansas Forest Stewards of the Year by the Arkansas Forestry Commission. The Rossi family began actively managing their 195 acre tract of mixed forestland, pasture, and bottomland near Cadron Creek in 1998.

The Forest Stewardship Program recognizes and rewards landowners that are managing privately owned forestland with a multi-use concept, which could include enhancement of wildlife through habitat protection and improvements, protection against soil erosion, protection of water quality, restoration and management of wetlands, and others.   Arkansas is home to over 1,200 certified forest stewardship landowners.

The Rossi family’s primary management goals include healthy and valuable timber, soil and water conservation, and open space for recreational area. Since they enrolled in the Stewardship Program 11 years ago, forest management efforts have included several seasons of site preparation and seedling planting through the use of prescribed burns, forest thinning, and strategic harvest operations. The Rossi Tree Farm was also selected for the AFC District 7 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year award.   MORE

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