Find Fish Attractors Across The State At

LITTLE ROCK – Anglers looking for a new favorite fishing location can find their way to a good catch with downloadable fish attractor locations at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s website, Biologists and information professionals have worked together to list all known fish attractor locations placed by the AGFC in the last decade.

Thousands of fish attractors are loaded into the AGFC’s databases, but anglers sometimes have a hard time entering locations to their GPS units. With some lakes having hundreds of attractors to try, hand-entering coordinates can take hours. The AGFC’s Geographic Information Systems Division built special downloadable files in formats for the most popular brands of fishfinders and GPS units. One download will plot every attractor in a given lake.

Anglers also may pick and choose individual fish attractors to download using the AGFC’s interactive map at, but the process can be much more time-consuming.    MORE

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