Faulkner County Joins Burn Bans

Burn Ban

As of 7:00am, Faulkner County is the the latest in the listening area to institute a Burn Ban.

Faulkner and Cleburne County join 19 other counties in the southwest part of the state that are under a burn ban.

Arkansas Forestry Commission lists ten area counties with a Moderate Wildfire Danger. They are: Cleburne, Conway, Faulkner, Lonoke, Perry, Prairie, Pulaski, Van Buren, White and Woodruff Counties. 16 other counties in the central and southeast part of the state are also listed as having a Moderate Wildfire Risk. 21 counties in the southwest part of the state are listed as having a High Wildfire Risk. The remaining 28 counties in the northern portion of the listening area and state have a Low Wildfire Risk.

When the fire danger is “moderate” it means that fires can start from most accidental causes, but the number of fire starts is usually pretty low.  If a fire does start in an open, dry grassland, it will burn and spread quickly on windy days.  Most wood fires will spread slowly to moderately.  Average fire intensity will be moderate except in heavy concentrations of fuel, which may burn hot.  Fires are still not likely to become serious and are often easy to control.

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