Farmer: Highway funding About Timing, Perception, Optics

Alec Farmer, owner of a family-owned farm and property and investment management company, is entering the third year of a 10-year term as a member of the Arkansas Highway Commission.

The lawyer, whose public service also includes being an original member of the Arkansas Agriculture Board and former chairman of the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, recently sat down with Talk Business & Politics CEO Roby Brock to talk about highways and the future of Northeast Arkansas.

Roby Brock: There is an age-old debate for folks in the highway industry. Does the money follow the cars or does the money follow the roads? How do you approach the rural versus urban debate?

Alec Farmer: Obviously, we wish we had enough resources to take care of the entire system. Unfortunately, we don’t. As time has gone on, revenues remained flat, while expenses have gone up 150% in the last 20 years. As time has gone by, we find ourselves today in a situation where we really only have funds available to take care of half the system and maintain half the system. So, the question is, which half do you take care of?    MORE

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