Entergy Arkansas Offering Solar Tariff

Entergy Arkansas continues to find new ways to address climate issues and to partner with customers to meet their energy and sustainability goals. The latest offering: a solar tariff to allow customers to subscribe to blocks of the Stuttgart Solar generating facility, and in the coming years, future solar generating resources as well.  Entergy Arkansas purchases 81 MW of solar energy from Stuttgart Solar and will purchase another 100 MW of solar energy from Chicot Solar project at Lake Village when the plant comes online in 2020. Under the solar tariff, Entergy Arkansas will make up to half of the output from Stuttgart Solar and future solar generating facilities available for its customers to purchase in blocks.

“As the state’s largest solar provider, we want to make all of the benefits of utility scale solar power available to our customers who have particular energy and sustainability goals,” said Kurt Castleberry, director of resource planning for Entergy Arkansas. “We know there are business and industrial customers who have renewable energy requirements or goals. This is a cost-effective way for them to meet those without the need for upfront capital investment. Some residential customers would like to offset their carbon footprint, as well, but do not have the land space for solar panels or the desire to maintain solar equipment.”    MORE

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