Entergy Arkansas Inks Deal With Sierra Club

independence Steam Plant

Entergy Arkansas on Friday inked an historic agreement with the Sierra Club and other environmental groups to shutter the utility’s decades-old coal-fired plants and an aging natural gas-generated facility, and replace the fossil-fuel resources with modern and cleaner power options.

Under the agreement, Entergy Arkansas will end the use of coal at its sprawling White Bluff and Independence power plants in Jefferson and Independence counties, respectively. The White Bluff plant near Redfield will be closed by 2028, while the Independence Steam Electric Station will be shut down two years later.

In addition, the utility would also retire its Lake Catherine natural gas-powered facility by 2027. Both Independence and White Bluff, which has one of the tallest chimney stacks in the world, came online in the early 1980s. The Lake Catherine facility was first commissioned in 1950, but later updated in 1970.      MORE

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