Diesel Is “King” Of Fuels

Diesel remains the top fuel for the trucking industry, and before other fuels such as electricity gain a foothold in the industry, it will require major infrastructure improvements, a transportation equipment analyst said.

“Electricity is not going to be an overnight event,” said Ken Vieth, senior partner and general manager of ACT Research.

Fuels must be available nationally, not just is some locations, and based on energy costs, “diesel is king.” Vieth was one of the speakers in a recent ACT Research webinar on fuels, and representatives from the diesel, natural gas and electric vehicle sectors discussed the benefits of each fuel.

Cost isn’t the only reason diesel is king, said Allen Schaeffer, executive director of Diesel Technology Forum. “More energy is packed into a gallon of diesel than other fuels.” It’s also the most widely used fuel, as 97% of class 8 trucks, or the big rigs that haul the trailers, use it.     MORE

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