Crater Of Diamonds 2.12 Carat Find

Sometimes, a vacationing tip pays off in a big way. Josh Lanik, a 36-year-old schoolteacher from Hebron, Nebraska, recently visited Crater of Diamonds State Park on a family vacation, after learning about Arkansas’s diamond site from a coworker who once lived in The Natural State. After spending about two hours searching for diamonds on July 24, Lanik left with a brandy-colored gem weighing just over two carats.

According to Lanik, he was searching near the southwest edge of the park’s 37.5-acre diamond search area when he picked up the diamond. “We took the kids to look for amethyst on Canary Hill, and I was walking through an area where it looked like a lot of water had washed when I saw it.” Lanik found his diamond about 15 feet from the West Drain, a trench that runs along the western border of the park’s diamond search area.     MORE

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