Cotton Thinks Trump Meetings Between Putin, Un Could Lead To Progress

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., sees precedent in the past as hope for progress in the future when it comes to President Trump and foreign relations with Russia and North Korea.

Appearing on this week’s edition of Talk Business & Politics, Cotton cited examples of former President Ronald Reagan’s tenure with adversarial world leaders as a blueprint for Trump to follow.

“It’s fair to say that the U.S.-Russia relationship is as tense as it’s been since 1983, 1984 in part because Russia continues to engage in the kind of actions you’ve just described: hacking into those emails and releasing them during our election, intervening in the Syrian civil war contrary to our interests, continuing to probe on our European allies’ borders, doing things like using a highly toxic chemical to try to assassinate a former Russian spy on British soil,” he said. “We’ve taken much stronger steps in the last 15 months against Russia to try to impose new boundaries on Vladimir Putin’s behavior than we had in the previous eight years, and we should continue to do those things like expelling spies that we know to be here on our soil.”


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