Cotton Condemns Bomb Threats

Tom Cotton

In the wake of a coordinated bomb scare targeting two former Presidents, a former Vice-president, Democratic officials and critics of President Trump, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., says Americans should appeal to their better angels and he noted that heated political rhetoric is coming from all sides.

In an interview with Talk Business & Politics’ Roby Brock, Cotton said the news of bombs being mailed to former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill and Hillary Clinton, former Vice-president Joe Biden, and others is disturbing, but he cautioned for a full investigation to be completed before jumping to any conclusions.

“The use of violence to achieve political ends is an outrage, and it’s an offense against all of society, so we’re still gathering the facts. I know the FBI is investigating. I hope they find the perpetrator, and I hope that person is sent away to prison for as long as they can happen to set an example that no one should have to face these kind of threats,” Cotton said.    MORE

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