Conway County Road Closures

As of 8:00am Wednesday, here is road closure information from the Conway County Sheriff’s Office.

An answer to our most popular question at this time…Both I-40 and Highway 64 are still open.

Here is a current update on county road closures:

(Plumerville) Shaw Bridge Road – Closed

(Morrilton) Cherokee St – Closed just over the hill past Brown Street.

(Morrilton) Batson Hill – Closed

(Morrilton) Willow Bend Rd – Closed at Willow Bend

(Morrilton) Hwy 113 at Point Remove Creek

(Morrilton) Sandy Rd – Closed

(Morrilton) Pecanery Rd – Closed

(Springfield) Chapel Rd – Closed

(Blackwell) Blackwell Road – Closed at County Line

(Blackwell) Alldon Marie Rd – Closed at Hwy 113

(Blackwell) Kuhn Bayou Rd – Closed

(Menifee) Canal Road- Closed

(Menifee) Bell Mtn Road – Closed

(Oppelo) Grabher Road – Closed

(Oppelo) Highway 113 at county line – Closed

Please avoid these areas to allow homeowners and farmers to take needed precautions to protect their property and livelihoods.

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