Controversial Clean Line Project Stalled

Clean Line Wind Power

Only days after a federal judge struck down a complaint to halt Houston-based Plains and Eastern Clean Line’s 720-mile, $2.5 billion development across Arkansas, the controversial wind energy project is faced with a long delay or shutdown altogether if regulators or investors back out, Talk Business & Politics has learned.

In response to several queries from Talk Business & Politics, Clean Line on Wednesday (Jan. 3) issued a statement saying a recent decision by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to drop its six-year-old interconnection agreement with the Texas partnership has put the project on hiatus.

“The need for low-cost renewable energy in Arkansas remains and the benefits the Plains & Eastern Clean Line will deliver to the state have not changed. Clean Line Energy is retaining all permits and acquired rights-of-way in Arkansas while we continue to evaluate energy markets and will respond accordingly,” said Clean Line Founder & President Michael Skelly. “Unfortunately, TVA’s reluctance to enter into an agreement with Clean Line … at this time has delayed our ability to deliver low-cost, renewable energy to the Southeast U.S. and jobs and investment to Arkansas.”    MORE

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