Commission Tables Topic On Surface-Drive Motor Restriction

LITTLE ROCK – Commissioners heard the first official reading of two waterfowl regulations changes proposed for the 2018-19 season at last Wednesday’s monthly meeting – neither of which concerned surface-drive motors on wildlife management areas.

For the last month, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has conducted an online public comment survey on proposed changes for the 2018-19 hunting seasons. One topic Commissioners asked to be placed on the list for public consideration was the banning of surface drive motors on WMAs. Commissioners had received numerous complaints on noise issues stemming from these motors, particularly those that had been modified to aftermarket parts to increase noise and horsepower. After reviewing public comments submitted during the last month, Commissioners decided to table the ban on surface-drive motors in hopes that manufacturers and hunters would work to reduce noise levels and refrain from aftermarket modifications that increase horsepower and noise from stock motor systems.

Commissioner Ken Reeves from Harrison took a moment to offer his gratitude for the people who took the time to submit public comments and to reiterate the Commission’s concerns with increased noise on Arkansas WMAs from modified motors of all kinds.   MORE

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