Proposals For 2018 Fishing Regulations


The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission heard the first reading of proposed changes to fishing regulations at today’s meeting. These regulations will be presented for a final vote during the Commission’s August meeting and, if passed, will become effective Jan. 1, 2018.

A complete list of proposals and public comment summaries is available at Some regulations being considered are:

  • Removal of the 13-inch minimum length limit on Lake Ouachita spotted bass.
  • Implement an 18- to 21-inch protected slot limit with one fish over 21 inches for largemouth bass on Lower White Oak Lake.
  • Enact statewide creel limits for catfish and crappie on Lower White Oak Lake.
  • Removal of the 13- to 16-inch protective slot limit on largemouth bass at Dierks Lake.
  • Change Millwood Lake catfish creel limits changed to statewide limits.
  • Removal of 15-inch minimum length limit on largemouth bass on two USDA Forest Service waters: Caddo Pond (Montgomery County) and Shady Lake (Polk County).
  • Removal of daily creel limit for crappie on Lake Charles.
  • Revise the trout retention restriction code to make culling of all species of trout unlawful on all waters in the state.
  • Reduce number of rods permitted on the Narrows Tailwater (Little Missouri River below Narrows Dam) and the Spring River from two rods to one rod per individual.
  • Open special commercial fishing season on Lake Chicot to address silver carp.
  • Change opening date of hogging and noodling season south and east of U.S Highway 67 from June 1 to May 15.    MORE
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