CCSO Announces New Uniform Patch Design

In the fall of 2018, as the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office began to run low on uniform patches (patches that are seen on the shoulders and chest of the deputies), we began to look at redesigning how the patches look.

The current chest/badge patch, and current shoulder patch both feature a seven-point star, even though the metal badges worn by the Sheriff’s Office for almost a decade have been a round badge containing a six-point star.

Running to the end of our supply of patches presented the perfect opportunity to redesign and update both patches, making the badge patch look the same as the metal badge, and using the shoulder patch to capture and represent Cleburne County, its history, and its landmarks.

With the help of some local individuals and businesses, a design was brought to life, and presented to be produced. Last week, the new patches arrived, and we are excited to unveil them to our wonderful community!     MORE

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