Catfish Labeling In Arkansas Restaurants


Fish mislabeling in restaurants is a worldwide problem, and in Arkansas one of the most popular fish consumed — catfish — is at times misidentified on menus. Since 2016 state officials have worked hard to solve this problem, Arkansas Bureau of Standards supervisor Roger Frazier told Talk Business & Politics. Accuracy on menus helps to protect U.S. catfish farmers and allows customers to make educated decisions about what they’re ingesting, he said.

“We’ve stepped up our inspection and enforcement efforts,” Frazier said. “It’s mostly a wording problem.”

The central issue is how a catfish is raised. Consumers have a right to know if the fish they’re buying is farm raised, wild caught in a river, lake or ocean, or if it’s imported, he said. The U.S. has strict standards on how catfish have to be raised, and in other countries, such as Vietnam, those standards are much more lax, according to Frazier.     MORE

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