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Worldwide Coronavirus Statistics



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White County school districts close after Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s mandate

White County schools acted quickly and closed Monday after Gov. Asa Hutchinson called Sunday for all public schools in the state to close by today and stay closed until after spring break due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

“Students received AMI packets for days 1-5 last fall and students in grades 1-12 may interact with their teacher through Google Classroom,” the district posted. Searcy is urging parents and students to check the school’s web and social media sites for up-to-date information throughout the week.

Harding University cancels mission trips due to coronavirus concerns

On Wednesday, the university announced its decision in a campuswide email to cancel all international spring break mission trips it sponsors “due to escalating concerns and uncertainty related to the spread of the virus and CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidance.”

There were no confirmed cases of the virus on Harding’s campus or in the state of Arkansas as of Friday, but the university continues “to work with state and local officials and university resources to prepare should the spread of the virus require modification of campus operations,” stated the email. “The university has not received any communication from the Arkansas Department of Health that suggests cause for concern at this time.”

Because several students and university employees still had plans to travel abroad independently, Harding urged those “to reconsider international travel due to CDC guidance and the uncertainty of the developing situation and potential difficulties in returning home.

Horse euthanized following race at Oaklawn

A week into the racing season and Oaklawn sees a tragedy on its track.

This all unfolded on Sunday during a race when a horse had to be euthanized.

We’ve learned this only happened because the horse fell mid race, and was severely injured.

Veterinarians deemed it was more humane to put him down.

This is not something the Oaklawn Racing Community takes lightly.

The horses name was Spirogyra. He only raced nine times.

Every one just saying this was a worst case scenario, and the best option they had.

Searcy Airport to Get New Lighting

Work has been underway on runway lights and the taxiway lights for a little over a week after the Searcy Municipal Airport received an Arkansas Department of Aeronautic grant.

“It [the work] started the day we got the grant,” which was Jan. 15, airport Manager Roger Pearson said.

As far as the time needed to complete the project, Pearson said he has asked for all hands on deck to try to get it done.

Concerning progress on the project, Pearson said “they’re doing real well, if anything, they’re ahead of schedule. “The foundation is down but the slab is not down.” BWC of Searcy is handing construction of the hangar,

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