Candidate Filing Begins Today


Arkansas’ candidate filing period for the 2018 election cycle is set to kick-off Thursday, February 22nd, at Noon.

As is tradition, Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin will open the filing period in a brief ceremony and will file the first candidate. The event will begin at 11:50 AM, February 22nd in the second floor Capitol Rotunda.

Candidates for statewide constitutional offices, as well as state representative and state senate candidates may file from Noon, February 22nd, until Noon, March 1st.  Independent and write-in candidates may file during this time as well.

Candidates for nonpartisan judicial offices, such as Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, circuit judge, district judge, and prosecuting attorney may file from 3:00 PM, February 22nd, until 3:00 PM, March 1st.    MORE

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