Can You Afford The Cost Of Dental Care?

Unhappy with the way your teeth look? Thinking about having some work done – maybe braces or veneers? Orthodontists have many tools at their disposal to help give you the smile you want. But can you afford the cost of orthodontic dental care?

Like any big purchase, you have to do a cost-benefit analysis. There are certainly numerous benefits, says Dr. Michael G. Durbin, an orthodontist with offices in Des Plaines and Long Grove, Illinois. “The most obvious benefit that patients see with orthodontic treatment, and generally the main reason they seek treatment in the first place, is the improved aesthetics that come with having straight teeth. Having a beautiful smile can leave a lasting first impression,” says Durbin, who represents the Midwestern Society of Orthodontists on the board of trustees of the American Association of Orthodontists. “My experience has been that orthodontic treatment can really be life-changing for some. I have seen dramatic increases in levels of self-esteem in patients who were afraid to smile before treatment and couldn’t stop smiling after treatment.”      MORE

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