CADTF 2018 Year End Stats


Central Arkansas Drug Task Force officials have released the year end statistics for 2018.

Last year, CADTF officers had 371 total investigations and assignments including 350 new cases as seized nearly $2,650,000 worth of drugs.

The CADTF served 26 warrants and seized 145,000 grams of marijuana, nearly 16,000 grams of methamphetamine, over 1,700 grams of Ice, nearly 1,600 grams of Cocaine, 67 grams of Mushrooms, over three grams of Heroin, two grams of Crack Cocaine, one gram of liquid Meth over 4,400 prescription pills and five dosage units of LSD.

Also seized were 66 weapons, five vehicles, two meth labs nearly $168,000 and $745 worth of stolen property.

191 cases were cleared by arrest with 185 charges pending.

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