Arkansas Poultry Scientist Makes Discoveries That Could Impact Health

Poultry scientist Walter Bottje wanted to know what impact mitochondrial activity in chicken cells had on a bird’s ability to convert food into muscle. That scientific curiosity led Bottje, professor of poultry physiology for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, on a path of discovery that has implications for human health and the poultry industry.

Bottje’s intrigue began with an interest in oxidative stress, an imbalance in cells caused by the overproduction of reactive oxygen species, known as ROS, or oxidants. When this happens, there may not be enough antioxidants to neutralize them.

“ROS is like rust, corroding cell membranes, damaging proteins and even adversely affecting DNA,” Bottje said. “Antioxidants act like Rustoleum, neutralizing the reactive molecules and preventing damage to cells.”   MORE

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