Arkansas Negatively Impacted In Trade Wars


President Donald Trump has imposed billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese imports this year, and China has struck back with retaliatory tariffs of its own. Those tariffs are targeted on agriculture imports, and many of the impacted states voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election, according to a new study released Tuesday, and conducted by the Walton Family Foundation in Bentonville as part of its Heartland Project.

“China clearly chose strategically to target these crops for retaliatory tariffs to impart the greatest economic damages to President Trump’s base of supporters,” said Ross DeVol, a fellow at the Walton Family Foundation and chief researcher for the report. “China’s tariff increases on U.S. crops will be felt in the Heartland to a higher degree than anywhere else.”

The Heartland, as defined in the project, is the swath of states across the middle of the country, stretching from Alabama to Texas, through the Midwest as far east as Michigan and then as far west as North Dakota. Five crops predominately grown in these states — corn, rice, soybeans, cotton, and wheat — are the primary targets of Chinese import tariffs, DeVol said. Those crops are subject to an additional 25% tariff.    MORE

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