Judge Strikes Issue 1 From The Ballot

Court Gavel

Issue 1, the contentious tort reform constitutional amendment on the November ballot, is off the ballot – for now. Pulaski County Circuit Judge Mackie Pierce ruled Thursday said sections of the proposed amendment were not all “reasonably germane” and failed to meet the “single-subject test.”

Issue 1 is one of two measures placed on the ballot by Arkansas legislators. The measure received 21 out of 35 votes in the Senate and 66 of 100 votes in the House. Issue 1 proposes to amend the Constitution as follows:
• Cap contingency fees in civil actions at 33 1/3 of the recovery;
• Cap punitive damages at $500,000 or 3 times the amount of the compensatory damages, whichever is greater;
• Cap non-economic damages at $500,000; and,
• Allow the legislature to adopt rules of pleading, practice and procedure.       MORE

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