Arkansas Jobless Rate Holds At 3.7%

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Arkansas’ unemployment rate held steady entering 2018 as the state’s education, healthcare, manufacturing and professional and business sectors helped expand the economy by adding nearly 8,000 jobs over the past year.

According to new labor force data provided Monday (March 12) by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arkansas’ seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained at 3.7% for the third straight month. The state’s civilian labor force declined 1,521 between months, a result of 1,879 fewer employed and 358 more unemployed Arkansans.

“While original estimations showed the number of employed Arkansans declined last year, revised 2017 estimates have been released and now indicate employment trended up throughout 2017,” said Arkansas BLS Program Operations Manager Susan Price. “The unemployment rate has also been very consistent over the last year, remaining close to 3.7%.”     MORE

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