Arkansas Grassroots Campaign Selected For New “Vote Tripling” Method

Democratic candidate Gwen Combs’s campaign for U.S. Congress is one of several campaigns using “Vote Tripling” across the nation. This innovative approach increases voter turnout by sending voters a reminder text before the election, which will boost Combs’s campaign by reaching more voters. This is done by asking voters to not only vote themselves, but to hold three others accountable to vote as well.

The founder of Vote Tripling, Robert Reynolds, describes that “With one additional Congressional vote costing up to $540 in paid media, [turning 10 supporters into Vote Triplers] may produce the same impact as roughly $20,000 in donations.” Voters can do this from their phone or computer, which takes about 15 seconds to sign the vote pledge.

Those with the most expensive donor networks usually win the primary. However, Vote Tripling is changing who can run for office, how they run for office, and how they win.

Comb’s campaign focuses on increasing voter turnout in the primary election.

“As a grassroots campaign I stand firm in my belief we should keep money out of politics. I take pride that our campaign is powered by the support of everyday citizens rather than special interest money or large donations from wealthy individuals. Vote Tripling allows us to promote the idea that you don’t need a massive amount of money to run a campaign, and you don’t need it to win either.” Combs says, “Elections should be won by engaging with people, not by raising the most money.”

The ability to hold more individuals accountable to their civic duty not only will give Combs support in the upcoming election, but it will spark political engagement for the future. To sign up to become a Vote Tripler visit:

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