Arkansas Dinner Table Set For Early Migrating Ducks

JONESBORO – Blue-winged teal and other early migrants are beginning their annual trek south, and nearly all of the moist-soil units managed to produce food on Arkansas public land are in excellent condition to welcome them. A recent report showed outstanding crops of native vegetation as well as excellent stands of millet cover crops in units where moist-soil plants were slow to develop or knocked back to encourage better growth next year.

Shirey Bay Rainey Brake and Dave Donaldson Black River Wildlife Management Areas in northeast Arkansas both showed impressive results in their moist-soil habitat this year, despite some nail-biting moments caused by flash floods in late August.

Zach Yancey, biologist at Dave Donaldson Black River WMA, says a cover crop of millet was planted in the Brookings Moist Soil Unit this year to augment native vegetation that had to be set back to remove some less desirable plants.    MORE

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