Arkansas Delta Is Home To Top Cannabis Cultivators In Emerging Industry

As the smoke clears from the state medical marijuana board’s long-awaited decision on Tuesday (Feb. 27) to award licenses for the state’s first medical pot greenhouses, the clear winners for the highly-sought after business venture is the Arkansas Delta and several Natural State communities that will likely see economic benefits from the newest agriculture crop.

Among the five Arkansas-based companies selected out of 95 applicants to receive one of the prized cultivation licenses to grow and supply cannabis for qualified Arkansas health patients and caregivers, four of the proposals for greenhouses are expected to land in prime Delta counties with rich agricultural histories and few job prospects.

In addition, two of the companies that submitted winning applications out of the nearly 100 proposals filed are based in Jonesboro, the largest Delta city in the agri-rich eastern half of the state that encompasses all of 15 counties and portions of 10 others.    MORE

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