Arkansas Amid States That Could Most Benefit From Healthcare Reform

Arkansas ranked 7th among the top 10 states most apt to benefit from health care reform, according to a recent study by SmartAsset. The report looked at nine metrics surrounding healthcare from availability and affordability to outcomes.

The report found almost 25% of the population in Arkansas self-reported a fair or poor health status in 2017. The study found that uninsured rates in the state are average with Arkansas ranking in the middle of all states for the percentage of the total population without health insurance as well as the percentage of residents with income below 138% of the poverty threshold without health insurance. Additionally, many people seem to be cost-prohibited when it comes to seeking professional medical advice or treatment, the study showed.

The report said in 2017 that 16.4% of Arkansas adults reported not seeing a doctor in the past 12 months because of cost. This is greater than both the total population’s uninsured rate, 7.9%, and the percentage of low-income population without health insurance, 11.3%.       MORE

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