Amazon Leads Online Price War In Non-Consumables

The notion that Amazon’s prices are higher than competitors like Walmart U.S. isn’t true, at least for 52,000 non-food items recently checked by e-commerce marketing and analytics firm Profitero.

Keith Anderson, chief strategy officer at Profitero, said the “price war is on and while Amazon might be leading the pack, it’s clear Walmart is also on the offensive.”

The Profitero report looked at more than 52,000 products across 13 categories to illuminate the competitive price gaps between Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The survey looked at only identical products that were in-stock and packaged the same. The survey was conducted during June, July and August and compared daily prices which were averaged over the full period for comparison. The survey looked at baby, vitamins, video games, toys & games, tools & home improvement, sports & outdoors, office supplies, electronic, music, furniture, baby and appliances. He said Profitero plans another survey with everyday essentials like grocery products and household suppliers.   MORE

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