AGFC Waterproof Game Tags

AGFC Game Tag

Arkansas deer hunters saw a big change in the way they could check their deer last year. Many, however, were left wanting their old waterproof game tags to ensure their deer were properly marked. This year those tags are right inside the annual hunting guidebooks being delivered to stores across the state in the next few weeks.

Thanks to a newly developed license system, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission offered hunters and anglers the ability to carry their license information on their phone or print it off on standard printer paper. This enabled anyone to purchase their license any time of day through their home computer or smartphone.

“The last thing a wildlife officer wants to do is give a law-abiding hunter a ticket for a simple oversight, but it’s amazing how many people forget to renew their license until the night before the hunt,” said Randy Zellers, AGFC assistant chief of communications. “I’ve personally run around to find an open store that sold licenses on opening morning instead of being in the deer stand because I was so focused on the details of the hunt that I forgot the most important part. Now it only takes about 10 minutes on a phone to get your license and be legal for the hunt.”    MORE

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