AGFC Increases Free Options To Test Deer For Disease

LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is rolling out additional opportunities for hunters to get their deer tested for chronic wasting disease throughout the state this deer season.

More than 130 testing locations have been established through regional offices, drop-off locations and participating taxidermists. All of these options are free to the hunter and are completely voluntary.

With new cases of CWD being found in surrounding states, far removed from Arkansas’s known CWD management zone, many hunters in other parts of The Natural State may want to have their deer tested. Although no verified cases of CWD being transmitted to humans currently exist, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly encourage everyone to have deer from a known CWD-positive area tested before consuming the meat. Testing also assists the AGFC with ongoing disease surveillance in the State’s deer herd. To help this process, the AGFC’s Research, Evaluation and Compliance Division has ramped up efforts to make this process easy, no matter where you live in Arkansas.       MORE

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