AGFC Boosts Mobile App With Upgraded Features

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission completed a major revision to its long-standing mobile app last week to catch up with recent changes to the AGFC’s licensing and checking procedures.

“Our app was originally developed in 2009, and although we’ve had many updates to it over the years, it was time to give it an overhaul,” said Spencer Griffith, marketing coordinator for the AGFC.

Location-based weather and forecasts and a hunting area locator feature help hunters find likely places to pursue their game, while updated sections on wildlife observation, hiking and water trails offer a richer outdoor experience for app users seeking adventure. Feeds for the AGFC’s waterfowl report, fishing report and latest news also are available at the press of a button, so people can stay up to date with the AGFC from any location.   MORE

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