AGFC Advises To Stay Off Arkansas River

LITTLE ROCK — Memorial Day weekend is synonymous with fun in the sun, fishing, and enjoying time on the water, but the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is warning everyone to steer clear of the Arkansas River this year, due to the massive amount of water being released from reservoirs throughout Oklahoma that have nearly reached capacity from spring rainfall.

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has already issued a release stating the flow is likely to exceed flows that caused major flooding in 2015 and in 1990,” said Keith Stephens, chief of the AGFC’s Communications Division. “To put it into perspective, small craft advisories are issued when the flow gets to 70,000 cubic feet per second; they expect flows on most pools of the river to peak at or near 500,000 cubic feet per second in the next week.”

Stephens says there are many lakes in Arkansas that provide excellent opportunities to fish and enjoy a day on the water, and boaters should avoid the river until the water levels have dropped to safe levels.     MORE

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