After-School Program Investigation

21st CCLC

State officials and prosecutors are investigating after-school programs in White County after a state audit found questionable spending.

The investigation centers on the 21st Century Community Learning Center Initiative. Officials cut off the funding for the programs tied to the initiative after allegations that the money was being wasted and abused.

Authorities named Russell Mayor Renee Garr, Bald Knob Elementary Principal Tammie Cloyes, teacher Davissa Brimer and Bald Knob School Board president Ladonna Gibson in the audit.

KATV reports both Garr and Brimer were paid $170,000 over 43 months, but no time sheets or records were kept. Authorities also told the television station the relatives for the four coordinators were also paid a combined $114,000.

The program was run out of a local church across from the Bald Knob school.

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